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Cyclist deaths – The experts offer advice


LORRY drivers and cyclists have traded places in an effort to cut the number of serious accidents on Camden’s roads.

A heavy goods vehicle (HGV) was parked at Torrington Place on Friday, as part of a Camden Council road safety campaign to highlight the dangers posed to cyclists and demonstrate how to avoid accidents.

The move comes after another young woman was knocked from her bike in King’s Cross on Thursday on the same stretch of road where Deep Lee, a 24-year-old fashion student at Central St Martins, died earlier this month.

Building works in the area have led to a steady stream of construction vehicles crossing the junction at Euston Road, York Way and Gray’s Inn Road.

Cyclists were given the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of the lorry, part of the Murphy fleet based on Highgate Road, Kentish Town, and see first-hand the difficulties faced by HGV drivers.

Paul Davis, of Camden Council’s road safety team, said: “When the accident in King’s Cross happened we had the opportunity to react to it and bring in one of the [lorry] fleets from the borough.

We want people to be able to see and understand the blind spots around the truck so they know how to position themselves so they can be seen and avoid a collision.”

Cyclists were told of the dangers of overtaking HGVs and in particular passing on the left-hand side.

HGV drivers, who were on hand to help show cyclists the areas that cannot be seen from the lorry cab,  expressed their commitment to reducing the number of fatal accidents on London’s roads.

Brendan Sugrue, a manager for Murphy, said: “We want cyclists to see what our drivers see and the difficulties we have driving around London. Nobody wants to see cyclists or pedestrians killed or injured, but the sad fact is that there seems to be more and more at the moment.

“We don’t want our drivers to go through the ordeal of killing someone and we don’t want the cyclists and their families to go through it as well.”